Jakki Prince

As a child, growing up and living with my mum, brother and grandparents, I spent many enjoyable hours helping my Nana in the kitchen. We would cook together, bake, and sometimes I even helped to clean up. Did you know baking skips a generation? Having never seen my mum bake anything it was this that glued me to my Nana’s side – she was integral in shaping my interest in baking and has inspired me to fill my own home with delicious aromas.

I have many fond memories of cutting out shortbread cookies and shaking sprinkles on other cookie-creations while “assisting”, perhaps even tampering, with the baking of my family’s matriarch. From those formative beginnings, I eventually enrolled in my first formal cake decorating class in 2009. Having baked my way through university (University of Guelph B.Sc.Env “07) for friends’ birthdays, Superbowl, and Halloween parties, I now had the opportunity to pursue my passion.

Jakki & Wedding Cupcake Tower Set Up - December 2012

Jakki & Wedding Cupcake Tower Set Up – December 2012

My time since has been devoted to both developing my recipes, decorating skills and baking custom orders for weddings, special events, showers, birthdays and very welcome referrals. From intimate family gatherings to extended family reunions, and special events for thousands – I have been baking up sweet temptations for cupcake enthusiasts across Southern Ontario.

From these humble beginnings my ambition has become to grow my custom cupcake, cake and dessert order business to serve a larger number of clients. Developing my business further will take time and dedication, but I eagerly look towards a future of  time spent in my very own ‘cupcakery’.