Ameena Starts Coop

Ameena and today’s cupcakes

The placement ad for Sweet Temptations Cupcakery, as seen on my school’s co-op website, really was what drew me to sign up for co-op this semester. I regularly passed by the part of Guelph that Sweet Temptations was located in, although I hadn’t yet ventured inside. Still, I jumped at the chance to spend a whole semester learning about and working with cupcakes!

When I heard I’d been selected for one of the two available co-op spots at Sweet Temptations, I was so excited that I texted my dad, asking him to pass the message on to my mom as well. When my first day of placement arrived, I couldn’t have been more excited!

My day began with a tour of Sweet Temptations. I was introduced to some of the employees I would be working with. I was also introduced to the cupcakes, in a sense—their flavours and special features were all explained to me so that I would have a good working knowledge of each of the cupcake flavours. As well, I was shown the processing system, and a few of the other products Sweet Temptations carries—including cupcakes for dogs!

I watched as some customers were served, and took a customer’s order myself. Afterwards, I sat in the office and entered email addresses into the system from a basket filled with little notebooks of information.

My first day at placement was great—I’m looking forward to continuing!



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