Baker on the Rocks

Not quite on the rocks – but let me explain!

Baking each week, I always have something new to share at the Farmers’ Markets. Not this week, the next new flavour will debut at the Guelph Farmers’ Market Wednesday, August 8.

The cause of this delay is that this week I am out of province and ‘on the rock’. As you may know I am engaged to be married this September, well it turns out my fiance is a Newfie! My fiance’s parents and extended family lives out in Newfoundland, and we try often to get down to visit them. This week I am on vacation visiting St. John’s for a major music and street festival and am enjoying my third visit to the island.

The time we spend in St. John’s in the busier city – while the festival continues into the night is always exciting and a great party. While the time we’re now spending with family is full of laughs and nostalgia. There is never a shortage of fun and relaxing activities and I always learn something new, be it history, meet someone new in the family or a new skill. Today we were all up early (even earlier than I get up for most Saturdays at the markets!) to go fishing for cod out in the ocean. It is cod fishing season and for the locals, that means up every morning to ensure they catch their daily allowance. I was happy to join once again and see how the real pros do it. After a few no-fishes I caught, or rather maybe lost on the way up, I even managed to reel in a few fish myself!

I’m enjoying the scenic break and look forward to coming back with new inspirations for #52cupcake flavours for my challenge. Newfoundland has lots to offer by way of interesting berries and regional baked goods – look out for a ‘Newfie’ creation cupcake in the near future.

Look for me next at the final Wednesday of the Guelph Farmers’ Market pilot project August 8, 2012, and Thursday, August 9 at the Preston Farmers’ Market. August is a busy month – with several wedding cupcake towers, Guelph Rotary Ribfest – August 25-27, 2012 – there will be lots of cupcake news to share.

See you soon! Thanks for reading!

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