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Where do the leftover cupcakes go?

Ramadan Celebration Photo

People always ask us, “What happens to the cupcakes leftover from events or that do not sell at the Cupcakery?” Ameena, our recent co-op student explains one way we find happy homes for them. Hope you enjoy her blog! – Sticky dates, glittering lanterns, nights of prayer—and 17 hours without food or water. It’s an […]

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Local Crowdfunding – great things happening in Guelph

Community support matters – especially when establishing a business or growing your fan base. When opening our flagship storefront for Sweet Temptations Cupcakery we turned to crowd funding to help us bridge the gap between what the banks would loan us, the government would loan us and what we had saved from our 3+ years […]

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June Is Event Month

We will be all over Guelph and area during June! As long as you’re not planning to hibernate further in your home, we’ll probably see you at least a few times around the city. Here is our special event schedule! A portion of every sale will be in support of all of these worth organizations, […]

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University Cupcake Connection

December and the next few months are an exciting time between us and the University of Guelph. We are collaborating in so many ways, and we couldn’t be happier! Having attended UoG for my undergraduate degree, I spent many years on campus as a student, and later as a Central Student Association (CSA) staff member. […]

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Go Storm Go! A Sweet Sporting Collaboration

Guelph Storm Logo

Growing up, I spent many hours of my childhood winters in cold arenas all over Southern Ontario watching my older brother’s hockey games and practices, or on the couch in the evenings with my grandfather watching NHL games. Hockey was a big pastime for my family and I can say it is a favourite sport […]

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