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Recipes Galore

As part of my coop position, I have been assigned various tasks which will ultimately contribute to the development of Sweet Temptations as a business. A few of these projects have to do with our recipe book, which is an over-sized binder that seems like it has been through a lot of baking. One of […]

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Creating Cupcakes

At Sweet Temptations, we are always changing our cupcake flavors as well as coming up with new ones for various occasions and seasons. Currently we have a great selection of summer flavors such as S’mores, Tropical Trio, Sunny Days, Island Berry, Pink Lemonade and Margarita Lime. When it is time to create a new cupcake, […]

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Carrot Cake


Do you know someone who loves to eat Carrot cake? Carrot cupcakes? To bake their own homemade carrot cakes? Carrot Cake is a popular flavour for celebrations of all kinds. We bake our Classic Carrot cupcake flavour most often seasonally, centred around holidays and harvest – Easter and Thanksgiving. We find that so many people […]

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the 5 o’clock rush – an introduction!

We’re partnering with a great local chef to bring you ‘the 5 o’clock rush’ on our website blog. Always asking, what to make for dinner and need inspiration? Chef Kim shares her secrets! Regularly Chef Kim will post new recipes, tips, photos and ideas from her kitchen. We are excited to share her story on […]

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