Creating Cupcakes

At Sweet Temptations, we are always changing our cupcake flavors as well as coming up with new ones for various occasions and seasons. Currently we have a great selection of summer flavors such as S’mores, Tropical Trio, Sunny Days, Island Berry, Pink Lemonade and Margarita Lime.

When it is time to create a new cupcake, we often start by brainstorming while looking at our available ingredients and seasonal trends. Often we can take ideas from existing cupcakes, whether it be infusing flavour in a cupcake base, certain icing flavors or designs and even decoration com

For example, when the S’mores flavour was developed, the bakers used our classic double chocolate batter but mixed in graham crackers as well. For the toppings, a marshmallow icing was produced to complete the S’mores as well as more graham crackers and a sprinkled covered chocolate candy on top.

Similarly, Sunny Days and Island Berry are both new additions to our line up of strawberry based cupcakes. For the Sunny Days, we use our pineapple icing to lighten it up and colored sugar to give it sparkle like the sun. The Island Berry on the other hand is topped with coconut icing and shavings for a taste of the Caribbean!

Certain new flavours, such as Tropical Trio, have a higher level of complexity but deliver a great combination of tastes. It was created by baking a coconut cupcake and topping it with a tall swirl of pineapple and lime icing as well as a lime gummy candy.

After two months of wccorking for the Cupcakery, I have noticed that our gluten-free vegan options are very popular but our selection is not as varied as our regular cupcakes. Therefore, since I was opening this past Sunday, I decided to decorate a wider assortment of gluten-free vegan cupcakes to deliver more selection.

Since we only had vanilla and chocolate based gluten-free vegan cupcakes, I had to get a bit more creative with the combination of icings I was going to use. Vanilla on Vanilla and Chocolate on Chocolate is a no brainer, then those can also be inverted like so; Chocolate on Vanilla and Vanilla on Chocolate.

Another gluten-free vegan flavour we normally do is Chocolate Strawberry which is our fresh strawberry icing on a chocolate cupcake. Finally, I wanted to try something new so I decided to ice some vanilla cupcakes with coconut icing.

In the end, we want everyone to be able to enjoy our cupcakes, and this is why we strive to fill up our display with a varied selection of regular and gluten-free vegan options. As always, we would like to thank you for your ongoing support at our events and we hope to see you soon for some cupcakes!

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