Cupcakes and Co-op

When the opportunity arises to take co-op at a Cupcakery, you reach for it and run. This was my first thought when I saw the positions for this course. I’m Nicole and I was placed in the afternoon co-op, quickly learning more about company and the way a business works. Your first week working here to have to physically hold your hand over your mouth to stop yourself from drooling, but then you get used to the delicious smells. There is much more to cupcakes than you everyone assumes, trying to pipe icing will take you another week to learn but Jakki and Ashley have taught me simple, little tricks to keep the icing perfect and neat. I’ve also learned about the sometimes dreadful, sometimes entertaining- fondant. This sugary playdoh is so creative to put on cupcakes to give it a little more detail, however the process of fondant is long but with the proper fondant tools that we use in the Cupcakery, makes it more simple for a newbie like me.


On more of the business side, I’ve learned a lot from the extremely motived owner, Jakki. She’s taught me communication, persistence and to be more curious. Jakki would give me tasks that would almost seem impossible, and all I could think of is “just give me some fondant to work on” but they pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me become a Nicole 2.0. I’ve got to experience Jakki in a lot of business meetings and seeing how she handles the meeting and how many questions she asks, gives me more insight to how small, growing businesses work. In this bakery, you will learn more than you think you will. You will be apart of mouth-watering recipes, positive role-models and many learning experiences that you would’ve never known, and for that I’m thankful.


Coming in for 3 hours a day to work on bettering my icing skills as well as increasing more of my confidence, really made this co-op worthwhile and exciting.


Nicole began her placement in September 2015 and will finish her semester here at the end of January 2016.

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