Cupcakes for sale at the University of Guelph

As an alum of the University of Guelph, and a proud Gryphon, today is a very special day for me. Since moving to the City of Guelph in 2003 from Oakville, I have been in a wonderful, decade long love affair with the UoG.

I attended school as an undergraduate student from 2003-2007 and graduated with a B.Sc.Env., an Environmental Sciences degree specializing in Earth & Atmospheric Science – a degree I use every day, in my dynamic and exciting career as a…. baker? Turns out like many young grads, I didn’t jump/dive/leap right into the field I went to school for. At least among my close friends, many of which I met while at school at UoG, many of us are doing something completely different. As it happens, there really is more overlap than most people think. I do use my analytical thinking, problem solving, and many other transferable skills I learned while at Guelph every day as an entrepreneur. Not surprisingly, none of the finer details of EnviroSci apply – like the ABCs of soil horizons or the number of different cloud classifications.

Cupcake Varieties

Cupcake Varieties

Today is special for me and my romance with Guelph because it is the first day my cupcakes are for sale at the university. As of today, the ‘on campus living room’, The Bullring, owned by the students’ union, Central Students’ Association (CSA), began selling Sweet Temptations Cupcakery cupcakes. If you’ve ever visited The Bullring, you know this is a very busy spot on campus with hundreds of students, staff and faculty visiting daily. Open all year round, ‘Ring patrons pick up delicious lunches or dinners; they chill out between classes and ¬†or just take a break.

The Bullring and I go way back. As an undergrad student I spent many a day there sinking into the couches while eating, studying, or just chatting with friends. As an elected Commissioner with the CSA, I ate lunch there most weekdays and held informal meetings whenever I got the chance. Even when my grandfather passed away in February 2011, and we cleared out his house, I donated a velvet couch and pair of armchairs (they’re pale greeny-blue, and majestic in case you were wondering) to add to the nostalgic and cozy living room feel. So, it is safe to say, for the seven years I spent on campus, four as a student (don’t get any ideas) and three working – The Bullring was one of my favourite campus locations. I’m not going to lie, it felt great walking in there today; I took the opportunity to soak it all in, including the sound of great music that always seems to be playing and the familiar smells of awesome food. It makes me feel warm inside knowing that now our sweet cupcakes are available in regular, gluten free, and vegan flavours – that all visitors to this special coffee shop can grab a sweet snack or dessert to enjoy while making memories of their own.


For more information on our cupcakes for sale at The Bullring, please visit our Where to Buy page here.

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