Inconsistency, what is really up at the Cupcakery?

Inconsistency, what is really up at the Cupcakery?

Things have been a little inconsistent lately at the Cupcakery and we wanted to share why. January and February have been challenging months. Regularly, our slowest months of the year, our small business has faced some of the most difficult obstacles. Most recently, I have faced enormous personal challenge with the tragic death of my father-in-law. We had just visited my husband’s parents at their home in Newfoundland for the Family Day long weekend. Returning to Ontario Monday evening close to midnight, it was less than 40 hours later, at approximately 1:30pm on Wednesday, February 21 that we learned of his sudden passing. 

In this last week, I have returned to Newfoundland with Jamie and his extended family, ultimately laying to rest his father in his hometown cemetery, a mere 200m from his birthplace. This has been a very trying and emotional time for everyone. His father was the youngest of six siblings, the eldest four are in their 80s. He had just turned 67 this January 2018.

Currently, I face a balancing act as a small business owner. One who’s ‘job’ does not simply get passed along to others in a large office environment. As someone who is self employed, there are no paid bereavement days, or lieu time accrued through overtime hours. I rely heavily on myself and our small team to keep the wheels turning at the Cupcakery. 

At this time, Ashley, our Cupcakery Manager is the rock solid foundation. From the little things like the lights being on each morning to the critical tasks baking every cupcake prepared for you. Ashley has always, and is currently, keeping our storefront operational, and I am forever grateful of her hard work, loyalty and commitment.

They say – never judge someone until you walk a mile in their shoes. So now, we ask you for your patience, and forgiveness as we struggle through these recent challenges. Emails may take longer to reply to, we may not be able to take on as many custom projects, our hours may be more varied than usual, we may miss planning meetings for upcoming summer events. 

We are doing our absolute best, we are all working hard and trying not be overwhelmed. As you know we were recently hiring, and as such, our team is not all fully trained, or at our strongest. Thank you for your understanding. Our small business is committed to being available for your celebrations, however with only a handful of us to make it all happen, we appreciate your lenience at this time.

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  1. Mickey Campeau February 28, 2018 at 7:20 pm #

    You, my dear, are a rockstar.

    I’m terribly sorry for the loss of your father in law … Loss is never easy and then, adding the distance between homes and family plus being a business owner to it all, and I’m sure you feel quite overwhelmed. But trust me when I say this … You truly are doing what’s best for you, your family AND your business. You are focusing on what is most important in life … Your family.

    Your clients will understand and value your honesty and your “human-ness” ’cause you’re awesome, your business is awesome and your cupcakes are awesome. It will figure itself all out and you’ll find your groove again. When the time is right. For now, don’t push yourself … You’re doing a great job at human-ing; we appreciate and value that. It’s not a flaw. 🤗*Hugs from IG

    • Jakki March 6, 2018 at 3:51 pm #

      Thank you so very much!I really appreciate your kind words and always the support from IG!

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