Learning More at Sweet Temptations

When I first started my coop position here at Sweet Temptations Cupcakery, I was missing out on one of the best parts of working here. As I would come into work in the afternoon, the majority of the baking and decorating was already done.

This meant that orders were already completed as well as packed away and the display at the front of our store was usually well stocked. It wasn’t until my third shift or so when the inevitable happened; one of the plates of cupcakes sold out and it was time to replenish it with fresh ones.

Luckily I wasn’t working on my own just yet so a more experienced co-worker was able to show me how it was done. As we had extra cupcakes already baked and ready to go, all that had to be done was placing them correctly on the plate, icing and final decorating touches.

After previously working a year at Baskin Robbins, I had already used piping bags before and the fres13461039_1197279086972277_916456343_oh icing from the Cupcakery was even easier to handle. However, what I found much harder was to repeatedly pipe the icing in a specific manner to constantly achieve the same overall shape.

Once the icing was done, all that was left was to add the final toppings which was again much easier than I thought. It was time to put back the plate in the display and reflect on my first decorating experience. All in all, it was great learning as I started off small, was successful and gained confidence for the future.

Now that almost a month has past, I’m still learning how to decorate certain cupcakes and continuing to practice my piping skills. This week I will also be learning how to bake, which is very exciting as I have helped out during busy days but have yet to take on the baking by myself.

In the next few weeks, we will continue to be busy which means more baking and decorating for us as well as more enjoyment for you. As always please check out of social media pages and we hope to see you at one of our events or in store for some cupcakes!

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