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Each week for one full year we baked a new flavour of cupcake. The 52 Cupcake Challenge was an adventure of creativity and an exciting time as we baked unique combinations of flavours through the months. With exciting and different flavours like Cotton Candy, Tiger Tail and Dark & Stormy – there were many surprise favourites, and many special requests keep coming in. Concluding at the end of May 2013, many customers and friends asked – what’s next? Will you continue to bake a new flavour each and every week? After some deliberation, and a few months in the testing, our answer has crystallized. In short – no – a new flavour is not the focus, we will not be baking something truly new up each week for you to try.

However, with our business philosophy surrounding the idea ‘not your average cupcake‘ there will always be something different to try from Sweet Temptations Cupcakery. Our new challenge is something near to our personal passion and it is that of incorporating local ingredients. Local is not a new concept for us. We have always supported local producers and businesses and have been using local ingredients regularly. For example, since May 2011 we have been baking with Ontario Strawberries, and have always made that a priority. Now with our renewed challenge focus: Local – we will be baking more and more with what we can source for cupcake flavours from Southern Ontario.

pink gluten free vegan cupcake baked with fresh ontario strawberries

Gluten Free Vegan Fresh Ontario Strawberry Cupcake

We respect the bounty of what is in season, by showcasing our great cupcakes with the local baked right in! This week we will highlight several local flavours in the following three cupcakes

Fresh Ontario Strawberry – our standard local cupcake – Fresh Ontario Strawberry has no artificial colours or flavours – the pink colour of the cake and the frosting is straight from the juice of each berry that we add to both. We will use Strawberries we purchased at the Erin Farmers’ Market from Downey’s Farm – grown in Caledon, Ontario. This summer cupcake is a natural and flavourful cupcake, and is routinely a hit for special events – just this weekend we will be baking it for a wedding reception cupcake tower. This weekend we will be offering Gluten Free Vegan Fresh Ontario Strawberry cupcakes for those who need the alternative ingredients.

Fresh Cherry Vanilla – Another feature flavour we first baked in July 2011 and again in July 2012 – will return for another glorious Ontario Cherry season this week. We will use cherries we purchased at the Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market from Warner Orchards – grown in Beamsville, Ontario. With fresh cherry baked into the cake, this decadent cupcake has a vanilla buttercream frosting and is topped with a vanilla candy dipped cherry sitting high atop. We blogged in 2011 about how to bake your own cherry cupcakes here – check it out if you’d like to do some baking of your own! Published July 14, 2011

Lemon Blueberry – Not entirely new, this will be our first cupcake baked with Ontario Blueberries. This cupcake will be revamped from it’s first appearance at our Farmers’ Markets in Fall 2011. This bold Lemon Blueberry will be baked with Ontario Blueberries we purchased at the Cambridge Farmers’ Market from Northfield Blueberries – grown in Scotland, Ontario. With a citrus and bright lemon buttercream frosting, this cupcake will stand out from the regular lineup. The cake will include fresh blueberries and be a strong berry flavour.

We are thrilled that our cupcake menu for Saturday, August 3 – at Aberfoyle, Cambridge and Guelph Farmers’ Markets will include three distinct local cupcake flavours as we kick off and highlight our Local Baked Right In cupcake flavour project. Looking ahead we know raspberries, peaches, apples and more will find their way into our cupackes. As they have before, these flavours will be a beautiful way to showcase all that is delicious about Ontario produce. While future flavours may not be 100% new creations by us – this new version will centre around what we can source locally – as a focused priority. If you have any local flavour suggestions – sweet or savoury – send them our way. We would love to chat with you on our Facebook Page, with a comment on our website here or on Twitter – @Sweet_T_Cakes.

Enjoy your long weekend!

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