Mothers, making small business’ happen one weekend at a time

Mothers are invaluable, as a child when you have a scraped knee, as a teen for a shoulder to cry on, and now as a young entrepreneur – for volunteer labour? My mum is always around when I need her for that extra help with my business – and she really helps me fill in all the gaps. However, recently – or maybe not so recently – have you seen, or witnessed this with a colleague or friend, that they’re mother too is stepping up to the plate? I took a look around, and I saw them, mothers – all over working with smiles helping their entrepreneur children!

I came to realize this phenomenon in recent weeks. It hit me all of a sudden – while I often call upon my Mum to help me with my ‘non-baking to do list’ and for volun-told staffing at special events like Oakville and Guelph Ribfest and weekends at the Farmers’ Markets, I started to look around, and noticed many other mummas making appearances. Being an entrepreneur and a small business owner for the first time, which it is for most young start-ups, is a learning experience (it has been for me, I’ve learned tons) – and what other career opens the door for your mother to step in when needed? Previously, I never found my mum at my desk in an office job helping me to type an email, edit a spreadsheet or plan an event – I think, this is a unique phenomenon to us twenty-something-ish entrepreneurs.

Mum to the rescue!

My mum is up for the challenge to support my business. Starting day 1 when I said I would need her help with any number of tasks, prepping decorations and candies for topping cupcakes, moving stuff in her vehicle to a large event and even staffing my Sweet Temptations Cupcakery booth when I have to make a wedding cupcake delivery in Fergus, On (like this past weekend!). Late nights, and early mornings – my mum makes the drive from her home to mine to help me dot all my ‘i’s and cross all my ‘t’s.

I  noticed several other vendors when I have been looking around the markets this past month, in Preston, Guelph and Aberfoyle – a common sight is mothers there working. In thinking about it, I could even remember other mothers from last year who were routinely on hand to support. I have seen mothers’ solely vending at a market, unloading vehicles, and chatting with customers. Come to think of it, a popular show on TV I saw recently, Eat St., featured a business in London, England where this young entrepreneur relied on his mumma to interact with the customers and really helped his business too. Further, these helpful Moms are not just in the kitchens and at markets – I know personally at least a few small business owners in a variety of industries who are getting support from their mothers – from landscaping to fashion!

What I guess isn’t new, the idea of mothers helping when needed, but the idea that small businesses can be afforded the opportunity to grow, learn, develop and exist on the backs of their start-up go-getting owner, but also that of their

Mum and I at Guelph Ribfest 2011

devoted mothers. For me, my Mum’s efforts do not go unrecognized, and under-appreciated! We always enjoy a glass of wine together after the work is done, or a lunch or dinner out to share and laugh together. She works full time herself, but still finds time weekly not only to hear me talk her ear off about the business, but to actually come and work at it alongside me.

What I expected while writing this blog was just to take a minute, to say ‘Thank You” to my mum – who some of you have come to meet – and many thanks, to all the loyal mothers who are out there, working (more often than not for a free extra hug and a smile) tirelessly to see their little one’s seed grow into a success.My mum is awesome, and I’m sure yours is too. As my birthday approaches this week, I thought it a good time to show some appreciation and say how wonderful it is that you’re in my life, and so willing to help me try to give it a go, and make my dream a reality.



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