Music at Sweet Temptations

The first time I stepped into Sweet Temptations, something immediately struck my mind. Unlike most other retail shops, there wasn’t any background music or radio playing in the store. As I am a quiet person myself, I actually quite enjoyed the ability to take in the sounds and surroundings of my future workplace.

Another thing I noticed was a high-quality speaker in a corner that already had a wall mount just waiting to be installed. As it turned out, one of my first tasks was to install it to have the ability to play music during decorating parties. This was no problem as my dad is an electrical engineer so a quick chat with him was enough to guide me in the right direction.

The first step before buying any other equipment was to test that the speaker did in fact work and was loud enough to fill the space with music. By plugging it into one of my amplifiers, I was quickly able to see that it worked and the sound13226654_1053961494693133_1090918452933801676_n
was great. It was time to shop around for a small receiver to power the speaker.

As we are a community based organization, we decided it was reasonable to purchase a used unit and put it to use instead of letting it be thrown away. Within a few days, I got a hold of an almost new Sony receiver which was perfect for the speaker.

After gathering all the wiring and tools required to install everything, it was a matter of a few hours to have great sound in the store. Since then, if we feel like it’s a bit too quiet for our mood, we can decide to play some music to brighten up the day.

We are also hoping to also use the sound system during decorating parties for groups as it’s not a party without music! In the end, installing this speaker was an enjoyable experience for me, as I was able to learn more about how the Cupcakery was built and provide sound for a great place.

This month we are very busy with this beautiful summer weather so look out on our social media outlets for all of the events we will be at. We hope to see you soon for some cupcakes!

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