Online Founder Recognition List

In November 2013 we launched an indiegogo crowd-funding campaign. Our campaign concluded December 8 and we welcomed contributions from 93 funders. We were overwhelmed by your support and in total $8350.00 was contributed in exchange for our appreciation and a series of cupcake perks.

We want to thank each and every person who connected with our campaign. We had over 2,500 visits to our campaign homepage, and many of you shared and helped us spread the news about our cupcake storefront project. Thank you to everyone and especially to those who made a contribution – your generous support is truly appreciated. Our campaign was to raise funds to support our new equipment purchases and complete necessary renovations. To read more about our storefront progress visit our blog. We are thrilled that we reached 52% of our goal, and want you to know that your support has encouraged us to continue working on preparations for our first bricks and mortar storefront.

We chose the word ‘Founder’ to describe those individuals and families who made contributions because you will be our foundation. Our new storefront opening represents the next chapter of our business – and we wanted a way to permanently indicate where our initial base came from. We had many anonymous founders as well – and while we can’t thank you directly – we recognize your contributions here as well. Your support is more than dollars to us, and it is hard to express just how significant your impact will be on our business. Thank you for each and every contribution – from $25.00-$500.00 we will always appreciate and remember our Founders.

Thank you to our all our Founders:

A. Zacher                                            Alison Bueckert                                Allison Barker

Amy Estill                                          Andrew MacKendrick                      Anita Wolting-Visser

Anne Soppelsa                                  Ashley and Dan                                 Ashley Jackson

Bang Ly                                              Brenley Devlin                                   Brigid Porter

Cathy & Jeff Filliter                         Cindy Tang                                         Colette Mesher

Daina Makinson                               Daniel O’Doherty                             Danna Farhang

Daphne & Larry McNutt                David Cattran                                    Debbie Leeming

Debbie Near                                      Derina Man                                       Diana Radoja

Diane Craig                                       Dianne Sander                                  Dianne Chittock

Doug Prince                                      Doug Willey                                       Elizabeth Karniej

Emily Kim                                         Esenje Bonga                                    Gayleen Gray

Heather Lane Vetere                       Heather Watterworth                     Jason Clattenburg

Jason Prince                                     Jenifer Pettigrew                             Jennifer Maddock

Jodie McNaughton                          Joel Pennigton & Beth Timlin      Kate Young

Katherine Matthews                        Kathryn O’Brien                              Katie Thomas

Kim Teasdale                                     Kit Worzel                                        Kristen Tanti

Lahiru Lakmal                                   Lee Anne Clarke                             Linda Shantz

Lisa Palmer                                        Lynn Scott                                        Mark Murray

Matt & Karla Oxley                          Matthew Coburn                              Matthew Wren

Meaghan Hourigan                          Meg Shannon                                   Mel Taylor

Margie & Cluney Prince                  Natalie Campagnolo                        Nick Montgomery

Paul McCallum                                 Pat Case                                             Peter Bogdon

Rachel Hems                                     Regan Avis & Keith Sine                Robert Lee

Robert Routledge                             Ron Beechey                                    Ryan Oatman & Amanda Li

Sarah Gardiner                                 Shirley Reid                                     Stephen Karniej

Tanya Shubaly                                  The Turner Family                         Therese Karniej

Tonya Brubacher                             Valerie Golding                                Yvonne Su

Thank you so very much for helping us bring our Cupcakery dream to a reality. Your generous contributions have been instrumental in opening our flagship storefront. Thank you!