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As part of my coop position, I have been assigned various tasks which will ultimately contribute to the development of Sweet Temptations as a business. A few of these projects have to do with our recipe book, which is an over-sized binder that seems like it has been through a lot of baking.

One of the first steps to digitalizing the recipe book will be to create an excel file with a list of all ingredients used in the different cupcake bases, different icings and toppings. This will allow me to add in the recipes for creating these cupcake bases and icing more easily, as the ingredients will already be there.

Once the reciprecipe-book-clipart-1es for the individual components will be added, as certain cupcakes have similarities it will be even easier to combine the cakes, icings and toppings to create or enter in a new cupcake. I plan to digitalize the entire recipe book in this way to consolidate recipes and allow for updates anytime.

There are many other aspects to this project, such as using the recipe book to create a flavour calendar which would help us predict which cupcakes we should bake for you. Another one is updating certain recipes as sometimes an ingredient needed is discontinued but we wish to continue baking consistently.

Ultimately the goal is to use the recipes to implement and maintain a nutritional facts database for all our cupcakes as well as other in-store products. Being in food science and with a quick research on various methods to analyze the nutritional content of baked goods, I was able to come up with a plan.

In my next blog posts I will be discussing more on how exactly I am going to conduct this nutritional analysis and eventually posting the results. In the mean time, we will be continuing to work hard at the Cupcakery to have cupcakes ready for special occasions or any time you feel like getting a treat!

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