Super Mom

I have never met someone so winning at life, than a mother I met this fall. I have been baking for special occasions for nine years, large scale food festival events for eight years, and food trucking for three. 

In September, at a local food truck church evening, I met a woman who shared with me one of the best parenting strategies I’ve ever heard. 

While her young children were trying to decide what type of ice cream to order, she said she just lets her littlest one pick a flavour, and as long as it’s something she is willing to eat, it’s okay. “He eats like four mouthfuls then its mine, so I don’t really mind if it’s something he won’t like.” 

While this in itself is genius, she went on to say, “you’ll probably hate this because you’re an ice cream truck, but I’ve taught my children that when the ice cream truck plays music, that it’s sold out!” We both laughed. What a wickedly cruel and simultaneously awesome solution to the age old demands of ‘ice cream truck, ice cream truck!’

I shared a story from last week when a parent choose vanilla ice cream for her children who were insistent on cotton candy flavour. She told me her kids couldn’t read, so she just told them the only flavour listed was vanilla. 

Without being one up’d she added “You know when farmers bale hay, in those large round bales? “Yes” I said, immediately an image came to mind of fields full of them. 

“Have you seen them when farmers wrap them in long rows of white plastic? I tell my kids that’s a marshmallow farm.”

How incredible is that? If that isn’t a parenting #win I don’t know what is. 

To which I replied, “Well, that’s a good point (within earshot of her children, where else would you get them from!”

Kudos to you super-mom, somewhere out there you’re making it happen for your family and you deserve that extra ice cream.

To mothers out there who are taking shortcuts and taking names like this parent, you are kick ass. I just wanted to give you a virtual high five, and hopefully make you smile. 

What were your favourite tricks, white lies or fibs as a parent? Do you do them now? Better yet, how old were your kids when they found out? Let us know by commenting – we’d love to hear from you!

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