Sweet Memories – At Home Cupcakery

Do you remember baking when you were a child – with an aunt, grandparent, parent or babysitter? Can you still smell the warm cookies coming out of the oven and those devilish licks of the spatula?

Jakki Prince Sweet Memories Inspiration Grandmother on Path

Jakki & her Nana (Fay Barley), Spring 1987

We do and look back on them fondly knowing those memories will last a lifetime. My Nana is the reason I love baking. My passion is the reason I’m an entrepreneur.

Are you ready to bake some memories with your little ones? Get ready to share the moment, and create lasting memories with your family. Invite your children into the kitchen, teach them something hands on, inspire new skills and creativity while helping them to discover the joy in being proud of their accomplishments. We know you’ll love it, and they’ll get a kick out of spending some dedicated, quality time with you. Sweet Memories – At Home Cupcakery is here, a home baking project kit.

You are busy, and we get it. We are here to facilitate this experience – we’ve made it easy, convenient and simple to bake and decorate cupcakes, while having a fun and educational experience in the kitchen with your family.

No experience required, How to Bake Sweet Memories:

1 – Stop in to our Cupcakery (1398 Gordon Street) and purchase a kit

2 – Follow the basic step by step instructions included, using all the materials provided

3 – Enjoy and share your fresh baked creations


Our first Sweet Memories – At Home Cupcakery project kit is available for you to take home Wednesday, April 6, 2016. With a purchase of this first kit, you will also receive a gift card for $10.00 towards your next cupcake purchase in store! We need your feedback and help with market research – we ask that you complete a short survey on your hands on experience using the kit. This will help us develop this new product further for best at-home use. You can complete this survey online, or a paper copy you can drop off or scan/email. We are assembling the first kit packages and have only 50 to make available to our first pilot users. Please help us craft a beautiful product for families and contribute by trying our new project.

Sweet Temptations Cupcakery is coming up on our sixth year anniversary in business, and we have grown steadily from our humble beginning at the Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market to our flagship storefront to our food truck Sprinkle – to becoming B Corporation certified. Sweet Memories – At Home Cupcakery is our next big leap forward and we appreciate your support.

Invite us to help you Bake Sweet Memories and we look forward to any and all of your feedback, help, criticism, ideas, thoughts, and most of all, hands-on reviews! We truly not be where we are today, without your support and involvement over the years. Help us take this next step.


We’ll leave you with this, a lyric from one of my favourite country songs, from the always poetic, Alan Jackson – Daddy Let Me Drive

“Maybe one day they’ll reach back in their file, and pull out that old memory, and think of me and smile…”