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The ‘First Catch’ – a midwife story

Micheline is an example of someone truly celebrating an everyday moment and major milestone! We invariably ask “What brings you in today?” to guests visiting our Cupcakery. When Micheline said “You probably won’t hear this for 400 years but, {what brings me in] I am a recent graduate from midwifery and last night I caught […]

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Major Milestone Achieved this May

This week we achieved a major milestone for our small business.  Without your loyal support, treating yourself to cupcakes, we could never have made this happen. Thank you – thank you so very much. This week, specifically on May 1, we paid off the outstanding balance of one of the first two loans we financed […]

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Team Tuesday: Paighton Goes Eventing!

Meet Paighton, one of the fabulous members of the Sweet Temptations Cupcakery team. Paighton is off on an adventure this week, and we are both happy and sad to see her go. As an upper year student at the University of Guelph, Paighton spends time between classes, studying and serving cupcakes at the horse barn. […]

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One Hundred Real Brides

One Hundred Real Brides Challenge is on! Starting November 4, 2015 we are hoping to connect with 100 real brides-to-be for 2016! For five years now I’ve been baking for real couples on their wedding day. A wedding is a major milestone – and warrants a big celebration. For most couples, this means planning a […]

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Madame behind the Madame

Photo of Madame with her cupcake

May we introduce to you ‘Madame’ the Madame behind our Madame flavour cupcake. It is the first week of summer for children and teachers across Ontario and we thought a timely moment to write about one great educator. A fitting tribute at this end of the school year to Elizabeth Karniej, the teacher inspiration for […]

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