Team Tuesday: Olivia heads to Peru!

Meet Olivia, one of the fabulous members of the Sweet Temptations Cupcakery team.

Olivia was off on an adventure to Peru in February that she embarked on with her high school. A total of 67 students from her school visited Peru over the month in three small groups. Together they worked to help build resources for an orphanage. It was a truly remarkable first trip to South America for Olivia, who was greatly impacted by the people and stories in Peru. 

While there, she connected with many of the children and was moved by their impoverished situation to become a ‘madre’, to sponsor one child in particular. She has sent two letters to her sponsored boy and is eagerly awaiting a reply in the coming months. In Olivia’s words “I wanted to first hand get an understanding of how much I have (versus) what the people and kids have there. I wanted to know what it felt like to make a difference and connection with people that really appreciated and needed it.”

As her first regular part time job, Olivia has been a part of our team working after school and weekends since September, 2016. Outside of the Cupcakery she loves volunteering, being in theatre, and is proud to be a part of the upcoming show “9-5” with Royal City Musical Productions.


Always on her playlist: Brother by NEEDTOBREATHE

Career Outlook: A Lighting Designer or Art Therapist

Cupcake Must Have: “Definitely Cookies & Cream”

Future Bucket List: “To see ‘WICKED’ on Broadway”

Travel, including volunteer experiences abroad, can have a huge impact on our our youth and young adults. When we heard Olivia would be going to Peru we were proud to hear of her initiative and drive to help those less fortunate. 

Team Tuesday is a new regular blog I will publish to profile the exciting stories behind our team members. Everyone at Sweet Temptations Cupcakery ‘makes it happen’ daily. Our small business would be nothing without the hard work, dedication, loyalty and commitment of our staff. We are in the celebration business, and through this regular blog, we celebrate the people that make us special. Jakki

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