Team Tuesday: Paighton Goes Eventing!

Meet Paighton, one of the fabulous members of the Sweet Temptations Cupcakery team.

Paighton is off on an adventure this week, and we are both happy and sad to see her go. As an upper year student at the University of Guelph, Paighton spends time between classes, studying and serving cupcakes at the horse barn. With a love for horses and competing, she is taking a huge next step towards her dream of competitive horse ‘eventing’.

If you’re like me, and hadn’t heard that term before, as Paighton explained it, 

“Eventing is the triathlon of the horse world. It is very competitive and like human triathlons, it is difficult to excel at all three disciplines. Often, you can train to be great at two out of the three skills.”

After I googled it – it combines dressage, cross-country, and show jumping.

This weekend, Paighton is flying out to Florida, with her new horse (we’re rooting for the name “The Artist Formally Known As”) currently named Prince, to train. With some new gear from our plaza neighbours Willow Equestrian, she is all set to commit to her hobby, and work towards the next level.

Always on her playlist: Anything by Taylor Swift

Career Outlook: “I aspire to educate youth about agriculture – the facts about it – perhaps not as a teacher, but to work with teachers so they can best plan lessons about agricultural practices.”

Cupcake Must Have: Red Velvet

Future Bucket List: “I’ve always wanted to try skydiving.”


Join us as we say ‘see you later’, but not goodbye to Paighton this week, we’re excited for her next step, and looking forward to her return, trophies in tow.



Team Tuesday is a new regular blog I will publish to profile the exciting stories behind our team members. Everyone at Sweet Temptations Cupcakery ‘makes it happen’ daily. Our small business would be nothing without the hard work, dedication, loyalty and commitment of our staff. We are in the celebration business, and through this regular blog, we celebrate the people that make us special. Jakki


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