The ‘First Catch’ – a midwife story

Celebrating a new baby with cupcakes

Celebrating the “First Catch”

Micheline is an example of someone truly celebrating an everyday moment and major milestone!

We invariably ask “What brings you in today?” to guests visiting our Cupcakery.

When Micheline said “You probably won’t hear this for 400 years but, {what brings me in] I am a recent graduate from midwifery and last night I caught my first baby!

She was right, in the almost 9 years I’ve been asking that question and meeting people celebrating all kinds of special moments in their life, I have never once heard that response.

Her story is the epitome of why we are in business. We are a celebration business. There is no greater celebration than that of the birth of a baby, for both the mother, family and in the case of Micheline, a first time midwife.
A happy moment all round – and Micheline decided to share that moment enjoying a cupcake from us. She further mentioned her family chooses Sweet Temptations Cupcakery because we offer gluten free and vegan (GFV) cupcakes. In her dozen today, she bought three GFV and nine regular, and she appreciates that their all the same price.
We are proud to offer all our cupcakes for all kinds of families at the same price, not gauging consumers with a premium price for GFV options.
From all of us at Sweet Temptations Cupcakery – a heartfelt Congratulations to you on your ‘First Catch’ and best of luck with the many more babies you will bring into this world! 
We are so appreciative and thankful for this lovely visit today. This story warms our cupcake hearts, imbues us with a sense of pride and joy in the work we do. We hope it resonates with you and your family too.
We really are not just a bakery, a Cupcakery at that, we are truly here for your celebrations. Hope to see you soon.

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