The First Few Days

Hello, name’s Kyla, I’m the new and first co-op student at Sweet Temptations Cupcakery. I started my placement at Sweet Temptations on September 30th, and since then I’ve done nothing but enjoy my time working here. I was extremely excited when I learnt that I was placed with Sweet Temptations, after having my interview with Jakki I knew that I only wanted to learn and work here. Both Jakki and Natalie have been really welcoming and helpful as I learn more about the company and creating products. I applied for other co-op positions for ann editor and social media assistant and a hospitality for one of Guelph’s Holiday Inns but I’ve definitely made the right choice.

In my first few days, I’ve become familiar with the business social media accounts, website and blog as well as the Cupcakery itself. I’ve learnt how some cupcakes are made, should be garnished, and just how many bins you have to wash at the end of the weekend – although washing bins does become more fun when you can play your music really loud! On my playlist, I listen to Marianas Trench, Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco and a bunch of other bands.

My favourite day of the week is Friday, our busiest production day. It’s when the three of us are in the Cupcakery baking cupcakes, making icing and garnishing cupcakes for events, the farmers’ markets and university birthday deliveries. Helping on production day by decorating cupcakes is a lot fun. I’m very excited to be at the Aberfoyle Farmers’ market on Saturday, October 12th to see what it’s like working at the front of the business as well, while most of my co-op placement will be working behind the scenes, meeting customers and retailing cupcakes at the market will be interesting and different.

I hope to learn as much as I can about the business in the time I have and I look forward to blogging every other week.

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