University of Guelph Delivery Testimonial

Since 2010 we’ve been making deliveries to the University of Guelph for students birthdays, for ‘good luck on exams’ and general well wishes for any occasion.

Dozen cupcake box cupcakes assorted – ready for delivery!

We know that a surprise treat can make all the difference for a student, and help families stay connected even when they’re not together. It boosts morale, helps them spend a special moment with new friends at school and shows them their family cares and is thinking about them. 

We received a very lovely testimonial recently from a parent, and just had to share her message about our Guelph delivery service.

“Hello, I hope you actually get this email! I wanted to thank you for your wonderful service. It’s a fantastic idea, which I am so glad we heard about. Mark’s** birthday was yesterday. The previous weekend he had ended up in hospital for a few days, and now has the hard work of catching up with schoolwork whilst still not being too well, and the prospect of specialist appointments and stuff. He wasn’t planning much for his birthday. We Skyped after lunch, and he said nothing about the cupcakes, so I checked your email details. “Look on your Guelph email”, I texted him. “Wait, what?!” He said. Then he found your email and then the cupcakes. He was so excited! In a week when his life had been really tough, you brought him some sunshine. He sent me a photo – they look amazing! So, thanks for being there. Keep it up! All the best, Joanne Smith**”

**Student and parent names edited for privacy

new cupcake flavour, Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate


We wanted to share this with you – to remind you of our Guelph delivery service – we’re happy to delivery to your on campus student, or for your off campus student. We have sent messages of warmth, sunshine and love from literally all over the world. Even if it is last minute, we can make it happen.

Order conveniently online by clicking here, or simply give us a call today 519-362-0894.

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