Where do the leftover cupcakes go?

People always ask us, “What happens to the cupcakes leftover from events or that do not sell at the Cupcakery?” Ameena, our recent co-op student explains one way we find happy homes for them. Hope you enjoy her blog!

Ramadan Celebration Photo

Sticky dates, glittering lanterns, nights of prayer—and 17 hours without food or water. It’s an ordeal unimaginable to most people, but for Muslims in Canada, there is no time of the year more looked forward to. For all 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide, it’s the month of Ramadan, 29-30 days in which they fast from dawn to sunset. Many may wonder: why the enthusiasm? Why do so many Muslims looks forward to and love a full month of this?

The answer, as usual, lies deeper inside. The self-discipline Muslims impose upon themselves during this month has several purposes, but of them is to encourage and produce companionship and generosity. A favourite activity during Ramadan is to share as much food with as many people as possible (after sunset of course)—and my Muslim community received a most pleasant and welcome surprise when we got a ton of cupcakes to break our fasts with! I had mentioned to Jakki that I was going to a communal fastbreaking that night, and she said, “Why don’t you come by and pick some cupcakes up for everyone?”

Of course I was thrilled because absolutely everyone loves cupcakes by Sweet Temptations! Naturally, they were very popular at the fast breaking. The Pink Lemonade cupcakes were especially well received because the kids really liked to pick the peach candies off the tops, but other flavours present included Cookies and Cream, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Raspberry, and Fresh Strawberry.

A week of Ramadan has now passed, and Muslims everywhere are enjoying the next 3 weeks. After the month is over, there will be a big celebration to conclude it!

We had a wonderful day on Sunday, May 28 at Guelph’s BIG Downtown Food Truck Picnic, and while we served up many cupcakes and ice creams, we did end up with many cupcakes remaining. It was a perfect fit when we were in touch with Ameena about the fastbreaking.

On this particular Monday, we donated over 140 cupcakes to Guelph General Hospital nurses, made 12 dozen special deliveries to business friends in the south end, took many to schools (stay tuned for Ameena’s next blog post!) and of course snacked on many ourselves! 

Do you volunteer or work at a local charity, non-profit or community organization you think would be suitable for cupcake donations? From time to time we find ourselves with many to donate, but as you can imagine, it is unpredictable for us, and not routine – we do not have much anticipation of when there may be extras, so it’s hard for us to give lots of notice. If you want to be on our cupcake donation list, please comment below, or email us jacqueline@sweettemptations.ca. Thanks for helping us find happy bellies for the sweets!

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