Who to cut from your wedding guest list?

Planning an entire wedding is tough enough, so we found this helpful flow chart to ease the struggle of who to invite to your big day. Our best wedding invitation advice? Invite the guests that you want to talk to at your wedding, and that doesn’t mean you’ll have time for 324 of your closest third cousins – invite those that will truly add to your experience of your wedding.

It’s 2017 – there are no rules, and traditions are made to be broken, invite who you want, no regrets. 

If you’re still needing encouragement to put distant family and friends up on the chopping block, think of it this way, if you were visiting the Cupcakery, would you buy them a cupcake too, or just take some home for your closest buds?

Good luck planning the whole event – and if we can be of help, we offer free quotes, and tasting consultations – call us to chat today 519-362-0894, anytime!

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