Wrapping up the semester with a sweet surprise

Our final blog post from our recent high school co-op student Ameena. She will be missed around the Cupcakery! Thank you for everything you did during your work term!

It’s been an awesome co op term at Sweet Temptations Cupcakery! I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to learn so much about the business, from making cupcakes to marketing strategies and public relations! I’d have liked to blog more, because there was always tons of fun stuff to share, but it just goes to show how busy I was all this time!

In any case, I have one last awesome thing to talk about: on the day of my final presentation, I was given a bunch of cupcakes to share with my class! I was really excited, because one of my favourite duties at Sweet Temptations was to serve customers, ie give people cupcakes and make them really happy. Everyone’s happy to get a cupcake and it’s even better when it’s unexpected! Although it has to be said that serving customers was topped in terms of favourite duty by decorating the cupcakes themselves, but that’s understandable!

On the day of the presentation, I was allowed to keep my purple Sweet Temptations apron a little bit longer, so that I could wear it to school. I was tasked with making a small presentation about my experiences in co op, and of course I used purple slides and swirly white font to try and recreate the brand image of Sweet Temptations. After my presentation was over, my teacher handed out the cupcakes!

Unfortunately we were short, because there were more people there than I had expected. My teacher suggested we give them out as prizes, but I really wanted everyone to have one, so I texted my dad to ask him to bring more! He did, but got stuck in traffic, so some people left before they could have any. That meant, of course, that the diehard cupcake fairies that stuck around till the end got more cupcakes for themselves—so they got to load up with as much Fresh Strawberry and Chocolate Mint as they could carry! Packing methods discussed including putting a few inside yourself as you carried away many more. It was a completely understandable dilemma—everyone loves cupcakes from Sweet Temptations!

I’ll miss doing co-op at Sweet Tempations. It was a great experience with fun duties, educational skills, and great people. But at least, when I need to buy some cupcakes, I’ll know where to go—because I’ve witnessed the awesomeness of these cupcakes myself 😉

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